What is your home in League City missing from an Audio Video standpoint? It always seems like there is something that needs to be fixed or reconnected, or installed in everyone’s home, with respect to TV’s, Home Audio, Projectors, Speakers, Wiring, Surround Sound Systems, and more in League City. Relax, we’re the professionals that make sure your system works, and we’ll keep you parked on your recliner with your feet kicked up and cold beverage in hand!

TV Installed on Brick with Custom Audio System - All Wires In Wall!

We’re your go to Audio Video experts locally here in League City Texas. From mild to wild, we hook up your home’s audio video system from setting up your new tv and cable box, to mounting TV’s on walls and above Fireplaces, to whole house music & av systems, to whole home automation control. We take the hassle out of it for you, and take you to the endpoint where you’re lounging on your couch with one remote, controlling everything!

Home Audio Video League City Texas

Whole Home Audio Systems make your League City Home a place for entertainment!

We’ll get an entire new system designed for you, or reconfigure you’re old one, so please don’t worry any longer about losing picture during the big game, nor having audio video problems during a party at your home. Learn more about other services by selecting the links below:

The coolest and most unique audio video systems allow you to control your whole home music system from keypads residing in your walls, an app. on your tablet computer, or on your smart phone. We can design and install a system that allows you to select separate sources in different rooms and make the whole family happy on any given night. Let me give you an example:

Whole House Music with NUVO in League City

Whole House Music System - Clean & Sleek looking!

You & your wife would like to listen to a pandora station in the living area utilizing the 5.1 surround sound system and have a glass of wine. Your young boys and friends want to play video games outside on the patio with the outdoor tv and speaker system, no problem. At the same time you’re daughter and her friends can listen to they’re favorite radio station in another room. This is all tied into one system with one remote or many remotes/control intefaces. The technology has come a long way, and its now easier for the whole family to be happy at the same time, while enjoying audio video technology at home!

Give us a call to discuss your AV needs. We will come out for a consultation and discuss what is important to you, and figure out what type of Audio Video and Home Automation solutions meet your needs in League City, TX!